Conditions of service

     Should you wish to make use of our services please make an appointment by telephone or email. We suggest that you gather all the documents which relate to a particular case, as this will allow us to carry out its thorough legal appraisal. If the actions of the law office are to represent the client (e.g. initiating court proceedings, sending a call for payment to a debtor) it will be necessary for the client to provide us with Power of attorney. We work both for those clients who need long-term legal assistance, and for those who wish to seek our advice for a specific matter. Our remuneration is calculated individually based on the characteristics of a case, its legal complexity, and value of the subject matter of litigation. This calculation can be a lump sum, or the accumulation of hours worked at a particular hourly rate. When providing long-term assistance, we prefer a monthly fixed fee calculated on the basis of the expected engagement of the law office. In court cases, our remuneration is usually a fixed fee for a particular case, with its basis usually being the regulation on the remuneration of legal advisors. In addition to the aforementioned conditions, we establish part of our remuneration as a percentage of the amount recovered, or value of the subject matter of litigation. Its payment depends on our achieving a favourable result (success fee). Irrespective of our remuneration, we charge to our clients our expenses, such as: stamp duty on power of attorney, court fees paid on behalf of the clients, transport costs outside Szczecin.