„MERITUM” s.c.
Wojciech Soiński, Kamil Soiński
Kancelaria Radców Prawnych
ul. Krzywoustego 15/4
70-250 Szczecin
tel. (+ 4891) 46 46 300,
fax (+ 4891) 433 48 69

These days it is very difficult, or impossible, to manage a business and also regularly take care of one’s private affairs without a lawyer’s assistance. Unfortunately a lot of people realise this only after they are already in difficulty. Therefore it is advisable to seek a professional lawyer’s advice in good time. In our law office we always try to find the optimum solution. Upon very thorough analysis of all the options and possibilities, we advise our clients on the alternatives available and further support them in reaching satisfactory conclusions. We are prepared to assist you in the majority of issues which require the participation of a lawyer. If needs be, we cooperate with tax advisors, accountants, sworn translators and notaries. We are able to provide legal assistance in German and English; and also cooperate with German law offices. We have enjoyed success in advising our clients and representing them in court. In providing our services as legal advisors we are obliged to maintain professional confidentiality and ethics, and exercise the greatest diligence. Our activities are also covered by significant third party insurance.