„MERITUM” s.c. civil law partnership, Wojciech Soiński, Kamil Soiński, Legal Advisors Office was established in 2001 as a continuation of the law office previously run by Wojciech Soiński. Our law office deals mainly with civil, commercial, and economic cases. However, as we try to provide comprehensive assistance to our clients, we do not avoid other types of case. We have considerable expertise in court and out-of-court cases. Our clientele consists mostly of small and medium entrepreneurs. These are, or have been, companies recognisable on the local market, among others: from the construction, development, and real estate sectors; all kinds of manufacturers; and agricultural concerns. A large group of our clients are foreign-capital firms, mostly German. Our services are also used by natural persons, in particular in cases related to the problematics of real estate, inheritance, and employment. Our law office is a member of ADVOUNION – a German association of law offices providing their services on the territory of Germany and other countries.