Services for entrepreneurs

   Every entrepreneur should use the services of a professional lawyer as long-term, professional advisory services allow one to avoid many problems. The cost of professional assistance is also usually reduced if said assistance is sought early enough. We provide permanent or ad hoc legal services for entrepreneurs, in particular:

  • assistance in commencing business activity, the establishment of commercial law companies included,
  • drafting all sorts of contracts and documents related to economic turnover, and providing opinions thereof; negotiating contracts,

  • providing legal opinion on particular issues as requested,
  • recovery of receivables – at pre-court, court and enforcement stage,
  • representing clients in all sorts of litigation – also at the cassation stage before the Supreme Court,
  • comprehensive legal assistance in real estate purchase transactions,
  • assistance in employee-related issues – terminating employment contracts, shaping issues related to the material responsibility of employees, consultations on payment regulations, working time schedules, etc; representation before courts in employees’ related issues,
  • representing clients in administrative litigation (for example, in construction law cases, planning charges, betterment levis) and also filing cassation to the Supreme Administrative Court,
  • questioning unjustly-increased perpetual usufruct fees,
  • filing applications with the National Court Register,
  • transformation of companies, take-overs, mergers, etc.,
  • legal due diligence,
  • representing clients in bankruptcy proceedings,
  • debt restructuring negotiations,
  • issues related to building administrators.